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Websites Ranking - List of Website Popularity Ranking

Website Ranking List - It is very easy to find many website ranking tools on the internet, while our Website Ranker tool will evaluate the popularity of website by using Visitors flow as a criteria. There are a number of popular websites that evaluates the website ranks such as Google page rank, Alexa Traffic rank to name a few. Other things like number of backlinks from various search engines are calculated to measure the value of the web site. All these things determine the number of people visits the web site everyday and that shows the visibility of the web site in the search engine results.

These ranking websites obtain the rank of the website and show you the obtained results. And also a score is given to the web site to show how popular the webs site is among the mass. The score is given on the basis of some particular results and a formula. Through the number it is easy to evaluate the value of the web site. Suppose a web site has scored 19 out of 100, it means that the web site is not very popular, whereas, a website scoring 88 out of 100 is quite a popular one.

Website Popularity Ranking List

Our website ranking list is very simple system and is very easy to use. we just need to input the URL or the domain name to our SQL Database, and our system will give you the results on the website ranking list table. You will be displayed a score by which you can determine the popularity of the web site. The evaluation will take a few seconds to complete and show you the results.

While there are many web ranker sites that allow you to put your domain name and to know the popularity of the website, but that not us, to avoid spamming and un-related sites on the website ranking list we will only input the URL to database manually. On the internet you can find many of them, though all of them do not show perfect ranking. So, before using a site check whether it is trusted or not.

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