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Submit URL to directories has many benefits for the promotion, although no longer in recent times to be especially popular way of promotion. Submitting your site to the web directories allows you to get backlinks to your website, thereby improving its position in search engines and attracts visitors.

Links that are listed in the directory to your website really work so far, although the majority of SEO optimizers recognize directory is an effective way of promotion.

The right way to submit URL to directory

Step one

Evaluate whether your site is suitable for the offer in the catalog of the directory:

  • Do not Submit URL addresses that contain content that is identical or similar to other sites proposed by you in the directory. Sites with duplicate and repetitive content are not good for the catalog users. Multiple offers the same or related sites may result in the exclusion or removal of those and all affiliated sites.
  • Do not offer URL addresses that redirect visitors to other sites.
  • Do not submit URL of a site which is "under construction." Wait for the final site readiness before offering it. Incomplete sites, with notice "on the stage of development" or containing references to missing images or pages are not suitable candidates for addition to the catalog.
  • Do not offer Sites consisting primarily of affiliate links.

Step two

Make a search on the directory to makes sure that the site has not yet been posted. This will save time for everyone.

Step three

Choose the one most appropriate category for your site. The Open Directory huge variety of topics to choose from. You can suggest a site in one section, the most relevant sites. Sites proposed in inappropriate or unrelated to their themed sections may be rejected or removed.

Step four

Once the most suitable category for the site selected, go to the section and click on "Submit URL". Carefully follow the instructions in the form of proposals. Site description should characterize its content briefly and accurately. You have to use different words. It should not be promotional in nature. Promotional description instead of an objective and properly drawn up may significantly delay the site placement or even prevent its placement. When Submit URL to directories, make sure that you do not use the same phrase in the title and description.

Step five

The keywords for which you plan to promote the site (10-20 words) must be entered in the submitting form of the directory. All key words can be a small letter and separate with a comma.

Once the Url has been Submitted

The Directory editor will check your sentence to determine whether the site is suitable for inclusion in the directory. Depending on various factors, such as the number of sites, proposed in a specific section may take from a few weeks to a few years before the offer is considered sites. Please offer a site in the Directory once. Again, remember that multiple offers the same or related affiliated sites may result in the exclusion or removal of these and all your sites.

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