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In today’s era, surfing net for information or movies or music or images is a widespread activity and is done by any individual at least once a day. How do you do it? You simply go to your browser and search for what you desire. Have you ever thought about how does your browser does it? Why are there different browsers? What are the various tools in a browser? Why should you keep your browser updated? So here are all you need to know about your browser tools.

Working on the browser is common these days. Whenever we go on the internet, we are in some type of browser. So, anybody has wondered what does the word means? Or what is the origin of the word? In 1990, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, director of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), was the first to invent browser. He named it WorldWideWeb, which was later changed into Nexus.

So, if I ask you to define the browser, what will it be? As nonsoftware guys, you may be thinking for some time. To help you out with, I am here providing a general definition of a browser. Here I go, Sometimes also known as the web browser, is application software that is commonly used for presenting, traversing, and retrieving information resources in the World Wide Web. Uniform Resource Identifier identifies the information resource that may be an image or video or web page. Hyperlink present in the content or the resource helps the users to navigate from one browser to the other. The primary purpose of browsers is to use World Wide Web and also can be used to get the information from the web servers of the private networks or can be used to access files that are present in the file system. Some common web browsers used now days are Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

Here is a list of UI elements that major web browser have in common;

  • Address bar – This bar is used for URI input for the desired resource.
  • Forward and Backward button – This button is mainly used to go to the next page or back to the previous page.
  • Refresh button – Also known as the reload button is used to reload the current page.
  • Stop button - Mainly used to stop the loading of the page.
  • Home button – This button helps to return to the home page.  Search Bar – This bar provides to carry a search in the browser.
  • Status bar – This bar is mainly used to see the progress of page loading. Also, have the feature of page zooming.
  • Viewport – It is the web page's visible area of the webpage.
  • HTML source – On right-clicking on the webpage, an HTML page opens that shows the page’s HTML source.
So, why do we need a browser?

The primary purpose of the web browser is to fetch the information resources for the users, displaying the information and thus allows them to navigate from one page to others for getting the information. It is mainly done when the users find a hyperlink letter or phrase, and they click on it, a new browser opens up showing the information of the clicked page.

What is my Browser?

Different computers use different type of browsers. Suppose when using a Windows computer, the browser generally used is Internet Explorer, whereas, in an Apple computer, the Safari browser is being used. Though a computer allows installing Google according to your choice to browse the web, but generally all install web browsers, they are comfortable working with. There must be circumstances where you might be working on an office computer, and you don’t have a choice to choose your favorite. In some instances also it is advisable to know which browser you are working with. It is better to know your browser and the version on which you are working. There is some web browser available in the market, each of which is built by a different team of developers, and their development process is different from each other, keeping the goal the same. To date, there is no standard determined for displaying information on the web. When you visit a website, the browser gets a list from the website and also tells them where to place the items.

It also happens sometimes that the browser is not able to place the items properly, as the web developers would have expected. It leads to confusion and thus makes the website working improperly. The developers of the website make every possible attempt so that the website works well in every browser. They do undergo a testing part before the release of the website. You must have often seen websites telling bug report or error or something unusual, that means the developer had missed some instruction to code. It is where it is needed to know the browser or the version of the browser that is being used. Also, it is essential to know the browser and the version of the browser that you are using for the fact of updating the browser.

Why do I need to know what is my Browser?

You must have understood that it is essential to know the browser that you are working on and also the current version of the browser. If you are confused as from where to find such a tool which can provide you information about the browser then there are a hundred of such sites on the search engine that can let you know about the browser you are using, its current version with details like your OS and the User-Agent.

Browser is an application that you use to surf the internet. It is via the browser that you access search engines like Google and visit web pages and web applications. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser, Opera Mini, etc., are all browsers. It is software that accesses and displays web pages and web applications on your laptops and computers.

All the browsers do the same work with one or two differences between them. Still, there are many options for you to choose from because they vary according to the need. For instance, UC Browser is known for its speed. Opera Mini is known to run better on small devices like mobiles with lower RAM and many others. They are competing against each other and provide the same service, each browser offers some additional features that distinguish it from others, and it is on the user to choose.

What is My Browser Tool, and what is its use?

What is My Browser Tool is an online tool that shows you which browser you are using, your browser version, the type of OS (Operating System) you are using, and your user agent. It might seem meaningless but is quite important. Every individual should know what browser they are using and what version of the browser they are using so that if they are using an outdated version, they can get a newer version.

It comes in handy when you have to keep track of your device, be it a laptop or a mobile phone. It is an online tool and is entirely free of cost. It is fast and does not require any information from your side. You just have to open it, and it will generate all the information on its own and show you the results for free.

Why should you keep your browser updated?

You should make sure that your browser is of the latest version so that you can access better results and at a better speed. Outdated versions sometimes stop working or reduce their efficiency. With each updated, some features are enhanced and make the browser more effective. Updates are usually free of cost.

Browsers have become an essential part of our lives. Without them accessing information is very difficult. Not only that, but connecting to people of different countries is going to be nearly impossible. Social networking will come to a stop. So browsers have made their presence worthwhile in our lives.



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