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PayPal Donate Button

Add a donate button to your website

Note:   Paste the above code before closing your body tag and also Jquery library is required to execute the code.

Many people are regularly donating their money. But going somewhere in person and making the donations is a little hectic. Therefore, giving online is a very easy and preferable option.

PayPal donate button is an effortless medium for websites which accept donation online. You can put this donation button anywhere on your website. For this, a potent tool is available called PayPal Donate Button Generator.

What is Paypal Donate Button Generator?

PayPal Donate Button Generator is a powerful tool for the creation of the PayPal donation button. On the website, place it at any different position. If you want to accept any donation, you’re your visitors for the up keeping of your website, then just put this donate button on the site. The creation of this button is effortless with the help PayPal Donate Button Generator.

While creating the button through this tool, you can also make customizations according to your needs.

How to use Paypal Donate Button Generator?

Using the PayPal Donate Button Generator tool is very simple easy. You can customize it in the way you want, and the button gets ready for your site. Here are some of the easy steps that you need to follow to create a button using PayPal Donate Button Generator:

  • Initially, open the PayPal Donate Button Generator tool.
  • Now there are many configurations you can now do accordingly.
  • You can set the background button color. Also, the plus button background color can be changed.
  • The text color can be changed, and then you can mention any text you want over it.
  • You can select the position from the position button.
  • After all customizations, you need to put your PayPal email id.
  • Finally, you will see two options: live preview and generate. Through the live preview button, you will be able to see how the button is created, and with the generate button.
  • At last, you will have to paste this code in the HTML file.

This way, the PayPal Donate Button will be generated.

Why use Paypal Donate Button Generator?

PayPal Donate Button Generator is an excellent tool for creating a donate button on your website, and you can even customize it according to your needs. Creating a PayPal donation button with this tool supports the following features:

  • The PayPal button will accept donations that are made either by credit card, debit card, and also directly by PayPal.
  • Also, you do not need to have an account on PayPal for making the donations.

How to add paypal donate button to site

Although using the PayPal Donate Button Generator is not a tough task. But you need to remember some aspects of it. Otherwise, the code can generate some errors. These are as follows:

  • Always paste the generated code above the closing of the body text.
  • The jQuery library is essential to Donate button execution.

PayPal Donate Button Generator tool is one of the cheapest and secure access methods of creating a donate button on your website. It quickly establishes the code, to add paypal donate button, you have to paste it in your HTML document, and the donation button will work. So, go for it once to see the effectiveness of the tool.



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