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An open graph generator is a tool that allows users to generate open graphs. Facebook initially created open Graph in the year 2010, but how many social media sites are compatible with this, the list includes:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus

It helps to enhance integration with other web sites. So, Open Graph works as a precious object in terms of the social graph. For example, using it, you will be able to modify and determine your Facebook page view. Therefore, the visitor will have a much more productive and satisfying experience while visiting your Facebook page. Many types of Meta tags will allow you to have your web page more presentable. With the tags, you can select the images that you want to show on the linked page.

If we describe in simple words, whenever a web page is liked or shared, we can have control over the way the information is traveled from a third party web site. We can determine the topics and images which would travel to the shared page.

How to use an open Graph generator tool?

With some swift and easy steps, you can generate your Open Graph. Start with entering the title in the field to define your content. Then, enter the name of the site. Now just enter the URL of the web site. After that, briefly give a description to describe your content. Now, select the type of object that will be shared, it is quite significant if your page does have a like button that would determine if the content would be shown on the interest section of the user profile.

Select the number of images you want to show and remember to give the URL of each image. It is an essential feature as that determines the thumbnails will appear on the shared page. After you have finished all the required fields, the code is ready to be copied and placed into the head part of the web site’s code.

What is Open Graph Meta Tags?

The open graph meat tags support in integrating your web page into Facebook. But it is only when the web page is liked or shared. When you generate meta tags using HTML or XHTML codes, your meat tags will be utilized by Facebook, then your source code for the meta tags will display on the meta tags generator box. This web page will create some open graph meat tags that will be attached to your Facebook page protocol. If you like your web site or your page content like blogs to integrate with Facebook, then you have to use these meta tags on your web page. So, you have to get familiar with meta tags, because Facebook is a massive community with half a billion members, and if you integrate your web site and blogs with your Facebook page then it will drastically boost up your visibility and web traffic.

Other than reasonable standard meta tags, OG meat tags are the most essential and valuable meta tags that will help you to increase your web traffic and help in business promotion. However, you must want to make sure one thing that your Facebook page should look proper and the way you like it to be presented. Other than the SERP that displays your web page content, the meta tags allow you to give a feel and look of the content that you want to show. You can use the meta tag generators to do all these things without any delay and flaw. The overall process becomes much more comfortable and hassles free with the generators.

Most of the open graph validator uses PHP; therefore, it may not be possible to render a foreign language. Then you have to go to the resultant code and edit yourself. For all these time-consuming work, you should take resort to the open graph generators. These prove to be much time saver. And after all, it is absolutely free of cost!

Why and how open graph generator tools are right for social networking sites and SEO?

The open graph generators are very sophisticated performers. They can change any web page content that has been liked or shared to a social media object. You can set the address, location, contact details, and other things as per your need. Facebook invented the open graph with the aim of a better representation of the web content. Therefore, the generator tools are making the job easier and perfect.



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