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Have you ever caught a networking guy entering a number (IP address) in the run box? I do guess that you have seen that, so what is the guy doing? It’s known as pinging. Sometimes we, those who don’t have a background in networking, often perform this activity. So here I am going to give a brief note on the term pinging. Let’s get started.

What is Google Ping Tool?

Google Ping Tool is a necessary software utility program. There is a test that is carried out to verify the existence of an IP address. It also makes sure that whether the IP address is capable of receiving requests. This IP address is commonly known as the host. So, ping refers to the network utility program that can test that the host is in the reachable condition or not — further confirming that it is capable of receiving requests sent. In other terms, pinging can also be termed as the way by which you can reach the search engine to inform it about adding or updating blog pages in your database. These results in all search engines to be capable of counting yours block backlinks efficiently and in a short period. So, this also helps in the ranking of your site. Pinging sites can also prove to be useful in completing the blog indexing process of your respective site even quicker. Blog SEO also gets an advantage due to pinging. Ping is also ensured that the host computer is actually in an operating position or not.

How does a Google Ping Tool work?

Google Ping Tool works by sending Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP). It waits for a request after sending an Echo request on the specified network. It can also be useful for troubleshooting to test the connectivity and also to determine the response time. It usually measures the round trip time for sent messages to the destination computer from the originating computer that echoes back to the source. The program reports mistakes, parcel misfortune, and a measurable outline of the outcomes, regularly including the base, most excellent, the mean round-outing times, and standard deviation of the mean. The command-line option of ping utilities and its outcome varies between the numbers of implementation. Options may contain test counts, TTL, payload size, and the interval between requests.

What is the benefit of Google Ping Tool For SEO?

As stated earlier, pinging refers to the process by which the search engine comes to know about the recent updates on your respective website. Though the main target is indexing your site high in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and much more to name, so you can see how much it is vital for the SEO. It helps the ranking in SEO. Google Ping Tool alerts the spiders or the web crawlers that new content has been added to your blog or website. It helps them to check your website or blog and thus helps you in gaining ranking. Now, what happens, once the spiders start to explore your page and pick up long-tail terms and keywords of your webpage and start to index them. Other than the keywords, some factors like good quality content, website reputation, the number of backlinks generated, and traffic also determine the chances of your site to rank high in the SERP. Who knows that your page could be in the top 10 list? Google Ping Tool also helps the search engines to spot your website faster. Once your website gets indexed by the search engine for the reason of regular pinging, it will help to drive higher traffic to your site. So, pinging regularly helps the sites with a few activities and fewer pings.



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