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Technology has progressed a lot since the last decade. We were able to discover and put the use of many gadgets and software, which made human life easier on this planet Earth. There are many different kinds of human beings living among us. Unfortunately, some are physically challenged. The ailment may be by birth or may be due to an accident later.

Thanks to the latest technology, it is easier for physically challenged people to communicate with other people and live and enjoy life like rational human beings. One such technological advancements are From Text to Speech Online Tool, which reads out the text in an article or a documentary in high-sounding words and aids visually impaired people to listen and understand the context.

Development of the From Text to Speech Online tool or system dates back to the 1930s, where Bell Labs developed the “vocoder,” which automatically analyzed speech into its fundamental tones and resonances. The first computer-based speech synthesis system was developed in the late 1950s. Let’s talk in detail about the Text to Speech engine or Speech Synthesizer.

What is From Text To Speech Online Tool and how it works?

Speech synthesis is the process where human words are artificially synthesized and converted into speech output. The computer used for this process is known as Speech Synthesizer or Speech computer, which implemented in software or hardware systems.

The synthesized speech created by linking pieces of recorded speech stored in a database. The speech output obviously won’t be natural and may lack clarity, depending on the accent used. The synthesis can be made to sound more natural and bright if the recorded voice and the written text are in the same accent.

From Text to Speech Online Tool is composed of two parts, namely front-end and back-end. Front-end involves the conversion of raw text into equivalent words. The back-end is a synthesizer that converts the representation into sound. From Text to Speech Online should not be confused with voice response systems since they both are used for different purposes.

Uses of From Text to Speech Development

From Text to Speech Online is mainly used by older people and people who are visually impaired for reading out the text. Most of the screen readers employ the TTS system to read out the words and stories. In today’s world, kids are also using it in order to read out storybooks, and Moms are happy that they aren’t being bothered anymore for late-night bedtime stories.

From Text to Speech Online tool:

In the house, we have From Text to Speech Online tool here, which you can use to convert any text into audio format for presentations, and you can also download the audio file to your computer and listen whenever you want. Here’s how you can use the tool.

  • Enter the text which you want to be synthesized into speech. We highly recommend entering only US English text articles because you may not get the desired results by using a different language.
  • Click on the Play button, and you can hear your translation playing in the background, and you get a link below to download the audio on your desktop for you to listen to it anytime.



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