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A proxy is another computer. It serves as a hub, and through this second medium, internet requests processed. When a computer connected to a proxy server, then your computer sends the request to the server computer. After that, the proxy processes the request sent by you, and you receive what you were looking for. So, this free proxy IP list serves as a mediator between your computer and the other computers connected to the internet. Now the question that arises is- why would we use a proxy server and not directly connect to the internet? There are several reasons for this, such as:

  • These are used to filter web content
  • Forgoing around restrictions such as parental blocks
  • To download screen
  • To upload screen
  • To provide anonymity when using the internet

List of Free proxy IP

Now you can clearly understand that if you want to surf the internet and do not want to let people know your home IP address, then it is the best option for you to access the internet through Proxy servers. It helps you to surf the internet anonymously, hiding your home IP address to the rest of the world. When you use a proxy and hide your internet ISP IP then instead of your home IP address, the server’s IP address is shown. It gives you more privacy than simply and directly connecting to the internet. There is a free proxy IP list that can provide you this privacy service. You can find them by simply typing the ‘free proxy IP list’ in the Google bar or other search engines.

You can use this free proxy IP list for absolutely free as there are some proxy servers in the list available that charge no money for their service. On the other hand, some servers charge money. Make up your mind which one would you prefer. 

Setting up a proxy server through Firefox

Follow the few simple steps to set up your proxy server through Firefox:

  • Click the Firefox button on the upper left corner
  • Click on “options.”
  • Click options in the new tab
  • Click the Advanced tab
  • Go to the settings
  • Click manual proxy setting
  • In the HTTP proxy box enter the IP address of the proxy server and the port number
  • Click Ok
  • Check if it has been done successfully by Proxy Check Tool

Setting up a proxy server through Google Chrome

Setting the proxy server in Google chrome is not quite similar to the Firefox setting. Steps are given one by one:

  • Click the Customize and control button
  • Click under the hood
  • Click change proxy setting
  • Click LAN setting
  • Click the proxy server for your LAN
  • The IP address of the proxy server and the port number
  • Click Ok
  • use the proxy check tool to ensure that the setting is working

Types of Proxy IP in the List

Not only different mediums, but there are also different types of proxy servers available on the internet.

Anonymous proxy - this type of proxy server identifies itself as a proxy server but does not provide the original IP address. This type of proxy server can be detected, but they provide the needed privacy to their consumers.

Transparent proxy - these types of proxy servers identify itself as a proxy server and also provide their original IP address. These kinds of servers basically used for their ability to cache websites. They do not provide any effective anonymity to the users. They are transparent because they are unable to hide your IP address.

Distorting proxy - this type of proxy server identifies itself as a proxy server but does not make the original IP address to show up.

High anonymity proxy - this server does not identify itself as a proxy server and does not give the original IP address.

Basically, it works by analyzing the information your browser sends whenever you make a request on the internet. Every web page you visit can access this information. Advanced more performs a more varied analysis. These are obviously paid proxy server and performs a better quality action.

So it is a devoted software system running on a computer. Or the proxy server can exist in the same machine as a firewall server or in a separate server that forwards your requests through the firewall. One of the advantages of the proxy server is that its cache can serve all users. A proxy can also log its interactions, as well.



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