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The job of the writer is not to write many crappy looking articles a day, but to write a quality essay. Depending on your need for the writers, native English speakers can cost you approximately 30 USD per 500 words of content written where was fluent speakers might charge anywhere between 7 to 10 USD per 500 words of material written.

If you are a budding writer, you do have a lot of scope to improve and many ways and tools online, which will help you take your writing skills to the next level. As a writer, you need to keep three points in mind while writing the article. They are:

  • Talk to the reader: Your article should be like a personal approach to the reader. As if you are having a conversation with him or her. The sentences should be appropriately framed and should make sense to the reader.
  • Avoid using a sophisticated vocabulary: There is no doubt that English is a beautiful language with over 1 million words in its vocabulary. But not everyone is aware of the complex sentences, and neither most of the readers are university-level graduates. So you should make sure you use simple sentences that a 10th grader will be able to understand.
  • Grammar: Last but not least, proper grammar is like the soul of your article. It can make or break your article.

Take this for an example: Proofread you're essays for grammar errors

Now, what’s wrong in the sentence above? You have noticed the use of ‘apostrophe’ in “you’re” which read as “you are.” Now try to understand that line again and let me know if it makes sense.

It doesn’t. The correct word in its place should be “your” and now the sentence makes perfect sense. I hope you got what I am trying to say about the importance of grammar since an article without proper grammar is essentially a piece of garbage waiting to be discarded.

Methods to improve your grammar:

There are various ways in which you can improve your English grammar skills. One of the most important ways is to practice reading popular websites and to grasp the capabilities of the writer by the close observance of the article. Another one is trying to write the text yourself and learning on the go with the help of tools.

Let’s describe the second way since it is excellent to take action and develop skills instead of just waiting for miracles to happen. We have a great Check My Grammar Free tool in our arsenal, which you can use to improve your writing skills.

How to use Check My Grammar Free tool?

Using Check My Grammar Free tool is very simple. Follow the steps below:

  • Paste the article in the Check My Grammar Free directly into the text box or upload the .txt or .doc format of the article for which you need the Check My Grammar Free to be done.
  • Select the language as well as the accent.
  • At last, click on the submit button for the tool to return the results.

Note: Red color is for spelling mistakes, and Yellow color is for grammar errors.



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