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There is a concept of URL shortening. It is an essential term in the internet market and the World Wide Web. In URL shortening, the long URLs up to any length can be made substantially shorter. There is one tool named as a Bulk URL shortener, which is used for the reduction of length of URL to an easy to remember length, which you can share with your visitors or friends.

What is Bulk URL Shortener?

Bulk URL Shortener is the best tool used for the shortening of the more significant URLs into shorter ones. The tool performs the shortening at the customs level at once. It means that a single URL is shortened to many numbers of custom short length URL. It is widely used in today’s SEO market. The long URLs are a little messy and hectic and cannot be sent over to others like with emails or with web pages. Therefore, it is essential to shorten them, and thus a Bulk URL shortener is used.

How to use Bulk URL Shortener?

Using the Bulk URL Shortener tool is very easy, and the steps are elementary to be followed. Here is a clear description of how to use the Bulk URL Shortener to understand it. Go through the steps below:

  • Firstly, open the tool.
  • There you will see an empty box with a line ‘enter your URL.’ Type the URL of the website you want to shorten.
  • The final step is to give proof that you are not a robot. For that, write the correct captcha, as mentioned in the image.
  • Hit the submit button at the end.

After some process, the tool will shorten the URL used, and you will be provided with bulk URLs.

Why use Bulk URL Shortener?

The use of the Bulk URL Shortener tool is significant. There are many links that are very long and have a lot of words in them. Here comes the use of the Bulk URL Shortener tool. The main task in the SEO market is to increase the ranking. Keywords play a vital role in the SEO market. It is vital to have the exact keywords. Therefore, the tool is used for shortening. Another unique factor is that there are multiple links generated, and a single user can use these links as multiple addresses for different domains.

Tips on using Bulk URL Shortener for beginners

Using It is an effortless task. However, you need to keep some points in mind. These are as follows:

  • While entering the domain name, you need to type the correct domain name.
  • Also, learn to understand and read the steps carefully.

The tool, as seen above, is a beneficial tool, especially for the domain heads. The long URLs cannot be shared on any social media or email and make the URLs very confused and untidy. The tools also make the link beautiful. Thus, use it, and you will see the benefits of it.



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