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Posted on 3rd Mar 2020 09:40:18 in Company

Webimax is an SEO firm located in the city of Camden, New Jersey, United States. Webimax was created in 2008 and had more than 50 experienced marketers. They are a company engaged in online marketing and work to achieve the results desired by clients.

They will do some analysis of the business of their clients and compile plans according to the needs of the clients, by gathering data obtained through in-depth research on the client's business and their rivals.

Webimax Information

Webimax was built in 2008 by Kenneth C, based in the city of Camden, New Jersey. Webimax has 2 branch offices in major cities in the United States, such as New York and Washington, DC.

Webimax Headquarters Location
2 Aquarium Loop Dr Suite 140
Webimax Headquarters Location
Webimax Headquarters Location
Camden, NJ 08103
United States


Webimax is quite well known among companies, and they are companies that have worked together and are currently working together which are Carrier Rentals, Wesley College, Novotel, Angie's List, Oracle, Great Wolf Lodge, Owens Corning, Huntington Learning Center, Berkshire Hathaway, UGL Limited, Liberty University, Quaker Chemical, State of NJ.

Webimax Services

To achieve your goals, Webimax will make a plan that is following the options you will choose, Which;

  • Reputation Management - They will monitor your online reputation 24/7 and get rid of bad reviews about your business as quickly as possible so that the reputation of your business is maintained.
  • Review Aquisition - Like Reputation management, Webimax will promote your business to get positive reviews beyond what your competition has, and suppress negative reviews about your business, to increase trust in you.
  • Search Engine Optimisation - Webimax will test and check all your websites before grading them according to our data and search engine ranking factors, and then they will give you recommendations to improve your website ranking.
  • Pay Per Click Marketing - Experts from Webimax will try to identify the keywords and the negative keywords, and A/B test the ads to discover the best conversion rate.
  • Social Media Marketing - Since Webimax founded in 2008, they have been engaged with all of kind social media platform and help Business Brand through it to reach new audiences and potential customers.
  • Local Marketing - This will improve your business presence within your Local significantly and conversion rates and engage with the local community.
  • Public Relations - To build your brand awareness and reach new audiences, Webimax and the 1000 media outlets partner will improve your online visibility.
  • Web Design - With the best and most related design for your business, it would improve your customers trust in your business, Webimax, web design team, has been work for more than 500 design.

Webimax SEO Firm

Webimax is an SEO firm that was founded in 2008 and had two other branch offices in major cities in the United States. They also offer several services directly related to Digital Marketing, and each of these services with some explanations for it. However, You must contact them if you want to find out the price of each service they offer, either through their contact form or their toll-free phone. Many companies have used their services to date, and that has been a positive thing. Webimax has a dashboard that has a tracking system so that its clients can monitor the performance of their business.


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