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Website Pinger Sites List 2020

Posted on 3rd Dec 2019 07:44:47

Pinging is an old school SEO method. Pinging your website is similar to making yourself visible to the search engines and directories every time you update a piece of content or make any significant changes in your web site. Here ping tool is handy as it sends data packets to the search engine tools and other services and notifies them that you have added something to your web site, and the search tool is reminded to crawl up the web site. 

List of Website Ping Tool Sites

That is how the indexing process becomes a lot much easier and faster. Otherwise, you may have noticed how long the indexing takes to get the update. Pinging is a better and effective way to get faster indexing for your site. Website Ping Tool is available as well to make your job much more straightforward. Without pinging when you update a piece of content and make some significant changes in your web site, it almost takes forever to get indexed in search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Pinging your web site means whenever you add some content, a message will be sent to the search portals to invite the spider to crawl up the pages of your website and to get it indexed.

How to Ping your Website?

But while pinging your web site, you have to take care of certain things to avoid any malfunction or fowl reaction. That is not what you want, right? So before pinging your web site, have a look at the below-mentioned bits of advice.

  • You have to use one tool. More pings won’t benefit your site. On the contrary, it can even cause your IP address blocked by some of the services.
  • There is no time limit- you can ping many times as you add content to the site you can ping it.
  • Adding good content is necessary, try to write something and add at every week.

Online Website Ping Tool Sites

Ping is a standard application found on laptop and desktop computers. There are web site ping tools available where you have to put the web site address and category and press the ping button. These web sites are free of cost and very easy to use. There are many Website Ping Tool on the Internet. Be careful about the notes as mentioned earlier and go ahead.

Google Ping Tool

It a Website Ping Tool that we created for our users to use for free. By submitting your information such as title, URL that you have updated, Names, and RSS Feed for an additional option, we will send information about the update through our website pinger tool.


FeedBurner founded by Dick Costolo, Steve Olechowski, Matt Shobe, and Eric Lunt as free service by letting the users managed their web feed in 2004. Users will be able to create and custom RSS feed for their site, and later Google acquired Feedburner in 2007.


Twingly is a company that working in the field of social data since 2006 as an independent supplier through API, later it start offering more services such as news, forums, blogs, including free ping tool.

Ping O Matic

Matt Mullenweg creates Pingomatic on 20th April 2004. The site offers free service, which pinging the Website to popular, multiple website ping services by submitting Site Title, URL, and site RSS feed URL. 


Pingler provides a free and paid website ping tool which sent information about your website update and selects an appropriate category for it to the thousand ping services by separate them into 100 ping sites daily to avoid spam.


Totalping offers free service for bloggers and webmaster who want to ping the search engines about the updates they made, and it will help you pinging to more than 50 services.

Feed Shark

Feed Shark created by Brain Bliss, it is a free online pinging tool that quickly tells and ping about the update you made through the variety of services and notifies the world about the latest update in your website, feeds, podcast, and blog within a short time.

Ping Farm

Ping Farm is like the other website pinging tool which allows the webmaster to tell and ping the search engines and services about updates they made by input the URL one by one to avoid spam practice.

Blog Buzzer

Blog Buzzer is an online web application which focuses on in-depth analyze your site information and performances thoroughly, and it allows the users to ping latest updates on their site.

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Google Ping Tool
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Auto Pinger
Index Kings
Auto Ping
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Ping Oat
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Ping Bomb
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Backlink Ping


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