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Social Media Sites List 2021

Posted on 3rd Dec 2019 08:43:26

Internet and social media websites have come a long way and made it possible for people in various parts of the world to know more about likeminded people and make connections with them. Not only that, social media has made us close with our loved ones, friends, and relatives, and we can also video-chat with them like they are sitting in front of us.

Social Media Websites Empowering The Business

If you are a blogger or a webmaster, then social media is a lucrative opportunity for you to gains loads of visitors and new readership. You need to create a fan page and start posting content targeting a selected or a large group of audiences based on demographics or interests, and you will be able to see the flow of traffic from social media to your blog in no time.

List of Social Media Websites

Besides, social media websites engagement is one of the factors which Google uses to evaluate our rankings on its search engine. The number of social likes and shares on your particular article, the more authority and traffic gains you can notice on your site.

Now, who doesn’t know Facebook and Twitter? They are the most popular social media sites to date. Google Plus is trying hard to fit in, but let’s face the facts, it is not as popular as Facebook or twitter but still a good competitor.

Tips to gain more audience through Social Media Websites

  • The first and foremost thing is to make your website brand-able by getting a custom logo and a beautiful design. Since there are no bots but real human beings involved, your site will tend to get more shares if the model is clean and navigation is excellent.
  • Make a note of the social media websites that are strictly related to the niche you are working on. For example: If you have a wallpaper site, then Instagram and Pinterest are the ones you should be targeting. That doesn’t mean you should avoid Facebook and other giants since they contain the majority of traffic.
  • While creating your page on these social media platforms, make sure you include proper description, call to action phrases, and your website URL in the description so that intrigued visitors may get to visit your site.
  • Never ignore your fan page. Be sure to reply to the comments which deserve your attention or the private messages which you receive on your page. An engaging page goes a long way in social media.
  • Last but not least, you can consider advertising on social media platforms. It may not work for you that well if you are a first-timer, but there is a first time for everything.

I hope these tips above will help you gain new readership from social media and improve your overall website success rate.

Facebook is the most popular social media websites and one of the most widely used by people. It said Facebook had surpassed 1 billion user accounts mark. Apart create a connection between you and your relatives or friends, with many users of Facebook, and some use its apps to help you sell online or promoting your business and services.

Instagram is a unique social media and social networking platform which it serves base on sharing the videos and photos, with your smartphone's camera or the others you able to capture the best moments of your life and convert and edited them into art. Instagram is part of the Facebook network.

Twitter is a social media site that allows users to promote businesses and services through tweets, which would enable you to post short text messages with a limited number of characters.

Whatsapp has been acquired by Facebook and became one of their Network in 2014. It is an instant messaging platform which captures millions of people across the world. It gives them a way to communicate or share anything for free.

Google +

Google + is a social media and one of the products of big technology in the world Google, like the others Google + allows the users to share messages, photos, videos, websites, or businesses, they also provide hangouts, businesses promotion, and products.

QQ or known as Tencent QQ is a social media platform and an instant messaging, it became popular, and more than 80 countries are using it, QQ let their users to able to stay in touch with friends by video calls, texts, and voice chats.

Similar to the WhatsApp which providing an instant messaging and social media platform, WeChat developed by Tencent QQ in China and very compatible with QQ, it claims the number of WeChat users is catching the number of WhatsApp users.


QZone is a social media site that developed by Tencent, its like QQ and WeChat which allow the users to listen to songs, write a blog, share photos and watching videos.

Tumblr owned by Yahoo since 2013, it serves as microblogging platform and social media, you could post or share anything you want or follows the other users Tumblr.

Baidu Tieba

Baidu Tieba is social media and a social forum network, and it created by China-based technology company, the discussion on forum works in the unique style and allowing you to create a network for the topic discussion, or join another social group within it.

Skype is a product by Microsoft, and it provides free communication with social media and networking concept by allowing people to connect the others by voice calls, video calls, and text messaging, it also allows users to conduct a group conference. Skype is one of the most popular free communication platform available in windows, macOS, and mobile apps.

With available in more than 30 languages, Viber provides a multi-lingual social platform where people able to use it for voice messaging and instant text messaging. Still, there are photos, audio messages, and video sharing features.

Along with Whatsapp, Line is a social networking platform that allows you to share photos, text messages, videos, files, and audio messages, and the most essential things allow you to make calls anytime.

Snapchat is a social media platform that allows you to chat with friends with pictures and videos, and you are enabling to explore live stories and news around the world.

YY created in China and is one of the significant video-based social networking platforms, it enables people to create a group of video chats and the members able to watch someone doing their activity, such as singing, tutorial, or cooking. YY allows people to earn virtual currency, which you able to convert it into real money.

Pinterest is a visual and photo sharing social media website that allows the users to find inspiration or ideas for their projects.

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking sites for professionals, its site, and apps available in over 20 languages. It used by all types of professionals across the world and helps people connected in one platform.

Similar with WhatsApp and Line, Telegram is an instant messaging social network and available in across platform and support more than 8 languages, It has always emphasize on the security and privacy of the messages that users send by the platform.

It is a social media website where you able to submit the content and lets people vote for the topic where all of it organized based on interest or categories (Subreddits). The Votes in Reddit determine the ranking of the content.

Taringa is social networking like the Facebook platform that is operating in Latin America, here people able to share content, photos, or even experiences.

Foursquare is a social media platform at a time as Local Search. It provides you an engine to find the right spot for you to visit like restaurants, entertaiment and much more based on your location.

Renren is a social networking site from China and the largest one, Renren very popular because it is similar to Facebook, which allows users to connect with others, post, and share thoughts.

Tagged is a great social media website which emphasizes on dating and friendship, and it allows you to interact with others through browsing profiles, and games. It acquired another social networking platform called hi5.

Badoo operates in more than 200 countries which known as dating social networking sites, and it works by share about people's details near within your area.

MySpace is a social networking site that focus on music and it provides an interactive, blogs, personal profiles, groups, videos, and pictures.

StumbleUpon is a social networking platform to help users to discover and finds and empower the content, webpages, videos, and images to rate them as you like.


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