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Press Release Submission Sites List 2020

Posted on 5th Dec 2019 15:09:43

Press Release is an announcement/news for the public to get information that people can grab it and share it again. The press release should contain essential information like who?, when?, What?, Where?, How? And why?. The goal of the press release is grabbing media, and public attention and a press release should contain actual news.

The simple way to write the Press release

1. When you write a press release, you must act like a third-party person (like professional reviewer) and do not use a word such like “I” or “me” or “my,” Example :

  • I create a new Application for webmaster use. (this wrong)
  • He created a new Application for webmaster use. (right)

And do not use words like advertising, selling, promotion the product on the Press release.

List of Press Release Sites
List of Press Release Sites

2. Using perfect grammar when writing the press release and it should answer all of the questions peoples may have about the product. The article for Press release contains about 300 words to 500 words.

3. Write a short description of the product or company and put contact information so people can contact it directly if they more information about it.

Today Press release Sites not only used by the company to announce their product or news, but webmasters also use it to let people know about their site or product that has. With Press, Release Webmaster can create over a thousand backlinks (Off-page SEO) so that it can increase their search engine result and make more visitors.

Best Press Release Submission Sites List

NPR, or known as National Public Radio, is a public and private American non-profit media organization based in Washington, D.C, the first Air NPR happened on April 20, 1971. it said that NPR has a deep relationship with the Government and has a massive network with over 1000 public radio stations in the United States of America. NPR allows users to post their press releases on their site.

Herbert Muschel founded PR Newswire in 1954. It becomes an essential part of empowers communication and distribute the news through their Press release Sites networks in 18 countries and thousand newsrooms, such as ABC News, BuzzFeed, The New York Times.

Pete Cashmore founded Mashable while living in Scotland in July 2005. At first, it still used a simple blog powered by Wordpress, and, later in 2009, Time Magazine noted it as one of the 25 best blogs in the world. Mashable is an entertainment and multi-platform media company and becomes a top source for technology, digital media, social, and news with a wide reach.

PRWeb is the leader in publicity and online news distribution that provides some press release plans to help users increase their news visibility and reach new audiences and drive traffic. It distributes the news to its networks through network syndication, newsroom, and social media networks with advanced analytics to measure your press release.

PRlog is an organization that founded to help small businesses to improve their website presence in search engines. Still, the medium and large-size businesses also able to use it for free, PRlog offers the users to distribute and submit the press release to the more than 5.700 sites including Google News and Yahoo News through RSS feed syndication.

Release News offers services for people to submit and distribute the press release they release. Release News believe by releasing news help the businesses to approach new audience or targeting specific industries in any locations, there are free and paid plans for the press release distribution which have their features and benefits.

Release the Press distributes and submit your news about your brands or products through search engines, blogging networks, News portal, and social media to help your business grow by reaching as far as it could. Release the Press offers free and paid press release services.

PR Urgent offers News distribution service, and have been on the business since years ago, they not only offer press release distribution for free but you able to order hire a PR writer to handle all the job for you.

Founded in 2010, PR Free offers a press release and news distribution service that targeting a large, medium, and small-sized businesses to increase their search presence and reach new audiences.

PR Sync is a professional organization that specialized in distributing news and press release. All news and information will be edited and review by the editors.

Press Release Submission Sites List


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