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Instant Approval Directory 2021

Posted on 17th Mar 2020 10:59:19

Many things that have been done by webmasters to increase the ranking and position of a website in search engines, from optimizing on-page their sites, even many of them are willing to reach their pockets deeply to get quality backlinks. Because Backlinks are essential in the world of SEO, Even though it's essential, but you can't make backlinks carelessly and as much as possible. Backlinks from websites that are not quality may be bad for your website, so try a quality backlink, for example, through the Web Directory.

Web Directory is a website that contains information and links that point to other websites. It can be said that the web directory is a hub that connects and collects various links and categorizes them.

List of Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites
List of Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites

Web Directory itself cannot be considered as a Search Engine. Still, the web directory can also work by displaying links and categories according to the keywords used by its users. The web directory itself is usually made specifically for use by humans who want to find references because every link in the link has been categorized and has information in line with that category. The links are usually contributed by the user, because usually, the web directory allows users to submit a site and choose a category for it, and ultimately waits for the editor of the web directory to review the site.

There are many types and types of web directories that you will encounter, but in this article, and we make them shorter:

  • Paid Directories - This is a web directory that can only be used when a user pays a fee so that your site can be listed in the Web Directory.
  • Reciprocal Directory - Just like paid directories, this reciprocal requires users to link back to them before being accepted or reviewed.
  • Free Directory - This is a free directory, and users can use it freely, and the editors will review your site before it is accepted into it.
  • Instant Approval Directory - This is a web directory that can be used by anyone without restrictions, each user can submit any site, and it will be accepted immediately.

Instant Approval Web Directory

Instant Approval Directory is a web directory explicitly designed to accept all types of sites that are submitted to it without editorial steps, unlike a Free Directory, which accepts all types of sites that enter it, and their editors filter them and place them to the relevant category.

In terms of SEO Optimisation, this is a horrible practice because this might worsen the ranking of a site in the search engine results page because the practice of submission to the instant approval directory can be indicated as link farming and spam.

Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites list

Although instant approval directory submission can worsen the image of your site in front of search engines, there are not a few enthusiasts and users. Because of this, we created a list of these instant approval directory submission sites so that users can find them easily. With this list for those of you who use web directory services as one of SEO's practices, with the instant approval directory submission sites list, you can avoid them so that all your hard work so far has not been in vain.

Simple tips needed for this web directory submission practice:

  • Write a simple and short Title.
  • Write a simple, short, informative description for your listing.
  • Pick the relevant category.
Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites List
Free Directory 


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