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Free Web Proxy Sites List 2020

Posted on 4th Dec 2019 12:18:14


As we are trying to find the definition of the term Web Proxy List, we must take a look at what the ‘proxy servers’ are. Proxy servers are a computer system or program that enables an internet user to place his or her search through an intermediary system, not disclosing his or her IP address to the rest of the world. To put it, we can say that the internet user places a request to third-party software or system, and that system works as an agent to forward the request to the World Wide Web. When the results of the search come out, the third agent forwards them to the user. Proxy sites give access to these proxy servers. Proxy sites can provide users with more secure access to the world of wireless network and total privacy online. This Web Proxy is preventing the user’s IP address from being recorded and protect the users from malicious applications lurk in the network.

Is Secure Enough Using Free Proxy websites?

Proxy Servers is third party computer services as a hub through internet requests by connecting to the proxy servers. Users send the requests, and the server will process your request and return the information you requested. Proxies used for many reasons like blocked web content or parental blocks, with it you can access it and unblocks the blocked sites.

Proxy servers protect the user from being recognized-giving secured privacy. Still, there are a few things to be aware of when using a proxy site. All of the proxy server sites are not safe to use. There are ‘malicious proxy servers' those are not helpful at all. Instead, they are run by hackers and crooks. All the confidential data (such as your password, log-ins) of the user can be hacked. They can use users’ IP address and secured data for all the unfair means. So, the user has to be careful before he or she dips their toe in the Free Proxy Websites.

List of Web Proxy Sites
List of Web Proxy Sites

Not only unblocks all access to blocked sites but they also help you surf the internet anonymously means it hide your Home IP address from the internet and this will provide you with more privacy for your connection. Proxies Servers redirect your traffic through their servers with their IP address.

  1. Do not use a proxy site that you do not know about.
  2. Play it safe- do not send any confidential or essential document that is not encrypted.
  3. Only use the proxy servers that have a clear privacy policy and well-known owner.
  4. Use paid sites instead of free ones; the paid ones provide better speed and security.

Web-Based Proxy

A web proxy is a web-based proxy server that used as a hub between users and websites on the Internet Network. Web-based web proxy the users able to save their bandwidth and improve browsing speed because web proxy able to store the cache, and it will re-serve if there any other users access the same sites, and able to open blocked websites. 

The advantages not only to access blocked sites, but with it, you able to keep your identity hidden by browsing anonymously or hide your IP address so your computer free from hackers and spyware. To use Web-based proxy is very easy which you only need access it from your browsers application.

The Disadvantage by using a web proxy is it will loading so slow if the site you access never accessed by you because there are several long processes before it ready. 

After knowing the advantages and disadvantage, there are some web-based proxy 

Free Web Proxy List

When someone is working online, and suddenly some error occurs. There comes the proxy site to fix this problem. Here we specifically provide and featuring Web-based Proxy with our Web Proxy List. Some sites may full with ads but no worry they all are working perfectly, and the other best proxy mixed in our Web Proxy List.

Top Free Web Proxy List
Free Proxy IP


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