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Free URL Submission Sites List 2021

Posted on 2nd Dec 2019 12:15:04

Submitting a URL to the search engine means to put the site or page URL to the search engine, and that page or site will be under consideration. Search engines sometimes want to know additional info about the person who is trying to submit. Usually, this additional info includes the name, email address of the owner of the web site. But, the different search engines may require different kinds of information for their record before they allow you to add your URL to the site. Sometimes every individual page should be submitted to fulfill their criteria. It because the search engine spider takes a long time to crawl each page of the entire website, and thus the indexing takes too much time.

Submit your website to search engine purposes?

To save everyone time, some search engine makes it mandatory to put the individual page’s Free URL Submission. Some search engine tools even have restrictions on allowing Bulk Submission – this is mainly done to avoid spam. Whenever you add a page to the website, the page URL submitted to the search engine tools, but if you send too many times a day, it may block your submission, suspecting spamming. Providing the URL can be performed manually as well as in an automated manner.

Free URL Submission Sites List
Submit your URL to Search Engines

The manual submission takes a lot of time, and you have to fill a form for each page’s URL. If you do not submit your website or page URL to the search engines, that page will not be indexed. By doing this, you let the search engine know that new information was added to your web site. After the submission, it may take a few weeks to get indexed. After indexing, you can check the rank of the page. If you are not happy with the result, you can resubmit it. It is done for SEO purposes mainly.

Free URL Submission Sites List

There are lots of Free URL Submission, you can find on the World Wide Web. These sites help you to submit your web site URL in the search engines and directories for free. If you are too busy and do not want to waste your valuable time by submitting, you can use these Free URL Submission list. There you have to put your email id and the web site URL you want to submit and the rest of the work it will do. It will take a few minutes to do so.

Google is a multinational technology company that provides Internet products and services. After a long journey, their search engine becomes the most used and the best in the world. Google indexing the new site or update new information for an existing site by relying on their Crawlers and Bots, but they also accept a site submission based on the users' input.

Microsoft creates a web search engine which previous MSN Search, Windows Live Search, Live Search, and later become Bing. Besides provides web, video, image, and map search services, which need the users to sign up to Microsoft Online before able to submit or update the site.

Free Web Submission is a free service to submit websites to search engines. They claimed able to submit the site to the directories and search engines with the highest-rated for acceptance.

Yandex is the most popular search engine within Rusia. It allows the webmaster to submit the site into the Yandex search engine and let them crawls the site and indexing it.

AboutUs is more than just about a Directory. It is a wiki and search engine for people, places, businesses, and almost everything depend on the users' input.

EntireWeb is an international-based web search engine; it highly popular among the other search engines and used by millions of people.

MillionShort at first is a web search engine in for experimental purposes, and it allows the users to set and filter the search results.

SimilarSiteSearch is a some kind of site search engine, it algorithms will determine the site topics and social data to match the sites and sort them.

ExactSeek is a web Directory and web search engine that indexes over than 30,000 new site submission daily based with more hundred million webpages indexed.

Amfibi is an online website directory and local company search engine with detailed profiles and categorized based on the business information.

Anoox founded in 2004 by a group of Internet visionaries that involved the Internet since beginning in 1996 by creating a non-profit Social Network and search engine.

ActiveSearchResults is a web search engine with an excellent ranking algorithm that allows the websites to reach a higher position in search results, and the performance depended on the activity point.

VieSearch is a Web directory and web search engine which contain more than 600k sites and featuring more than thousand business and website.


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