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Blog Submission Sites List 2021

Posted on 3rd Dec 2019 09:34:39

A blog directory is a kind of web directory which has listings of the blogs. These blogs are a type of website and known by the name of weblogs. These blogs updated by the person or some group of people, and they listed as posts. In this world, there are millions of blogs where the posts are listed daily.

With the help of blog submission sites, the people can find the blogs easily for which they have an interest as the list is sorted and properly managed with that webmaster able to create backlinks more easier. There are more advanced blog directories. With the advanced directory, there is a unique feature that there are some reviews available or some human-edited descriptions with the listed blogs. With the help of these blogs, the users can more easily find the blogs they are looking for.

List of Blog Submission Sites

A search engine preferably works based on keywords, but blog submission sites work based on browsing and further categorization. According to the themes of the blogs, they kept in the blog submission sites.

The blog directory has a tree structure, and thus a blog can be placed in more than one category. Then the user can directly start from the directory tree for the searching of a particular blog. They can move from the category to the sub-category, and they will get to see all the blogs listed in a specific category. The blog directories also have a secondary feature of the search engine.

The process of submitting a blog to the blog directory is most likely the same like submitting your sites to a general web directory. Still, unfortunately, while general web directory keeps rejecting free hosted blogs like: or, the blog directory accepts them, it's mean they have a low quality of listing editorial.

Some of Best Blog Directory Sites

There are many best blog directories available where your blog can be listed and reach to the people. Some of them are as follows:

  • EatonWeb: This is considered to be one of the oldest blog directories. Here, your blog listed with a big site, and it will get ratings as well. Producing best and quality content can even take your blog to the top.
  • Jayde: This blog directory used if your blog is an official part of some business site, and you require its free listing. Based on the interactions of the user, the search results can be sent on top with Jayde by using an algorithm named as ClickRelevance.
  • Dmoz: This is an entire web directory that is full of a human-edited directory. In this, the submission process is somewhat lengthy, but the authority of the site is the best.
  • BlogHints: this Blog Directory created in 2006 and still working until today, so this considered as one of a reputable directory.

Benefits by submit to the Blog Directory Sites

With the blog directory, there are many benefits by which you can increase the traffic over your site. You can earn huge profits with this mechanism. Some of the significant benefits are as follows:

  • Create Backlinks for your website.
  • Your website gets permanently listed with some other reputed site.
  • The anchor texts are used within the hyperlinks to popularize your links.
  • You get the guarantee of effective and fast indexing by the search engines because your listing will be crawled too.
  • It could generate more traffic for your website.
  • By creating backlinks, it means your site domain and page authority will be increased too.

Types of Blog Directory Submission Sites

Commonly there are three types of blog directory submission you may know, here is it:

  1. Free Directory Submission - Everyone loves freebies; this type of directory will be allowing the users to submit their site and blog for free. Your listing may not be accepted or received anytime soon, but if approved, you able to create free backlinks for your website.
  2. Paid Directory Submission - This is where the place for everyone who wants to build high-quality backlinks without wasting so much time, usually the directory editors will review the listing within 24 hours and full refund if the listing rejected.
  3. Reciprocal Directory Submission - This is also free directory submission, but before getting approved, you required to place their link on your site or blog.

List of Blog Submission Sites

Blog directory submission is the easiest way to create high-quality backlinks compared to the other backlinks creation like blog commenting, press release, and anything else. Thus using a directory for a listing of the blogs is helpful, so we are creating blog submission sites list, here they are:

We will keep test, add, and update our blog submission sites list, but if you know about them please let us know by using our contact form, Thank You !!


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