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Blog Commenting Sites List 2021

Posted on 3rd Dec 2019 15:26:11

Blog Commenting Sites - Blog commenting is a system and platform for bloggers and readers to interact with each other. The readers (blog commentator) can give their opinion about contents or articles written by bloggers by using comment tool, usually the tool on below on the articles. While blog commenting place exchange thought and idea, there also give benefits to bloggers and Blog Commenter, which:

List of Blog Commenting Sites

Bloggers gain benefit from the readers

  • The blog's comments will keep the blog updates: the blog will keep updated and active, and it will give more significant change for your blogs to get higher ranking on search engine result, everybody knows search engine loves active blogs.
  • The Blog content will be more valuable and necessary because the user takes part to contribute to give you relevant and sensible opinion, and they will back to your blogs.

Benefits by Blog Commenting

  • The Blog Commenters can increase their websites link popularity or inbound links with blog commenting. While you gain valuable information from the bloggers' content, you can include your website address on URL Fields.
  • The Commenters can exchange information with the bloggers or other readers too.

How to create backlinks by Blog Commenting?

It is an easy thing to create backlinks for your websites when you have the list that we provide for you. As you see the image below, there are four boxes that you need to pay attention, which Comment Box, Name Box, Email Box, and Website. Most sites require you to fill the box with your information, and the most important thing you need to create backlink for your website is Name Box and Website.

Fill the comment box with your information
Fill the comment box with your information

To rank higher in search engines, all you have to do is research the keyword you want to rank and fill the 'Name Box" with your targeted keyword and 'Website Box" with your website URL.

Unlike decades ago, when everything much simpler than today, every backlink be it manual, automate, or copy and paste do the count. Now it much complicated when the Search algorithms change, which wants us to build and create backlinks genuinely and high-quality backlinks. So, we recommend you to read the article before post a comment or at least post a comment that related to the topic, so your comment has a higher chance of being posted by the editors.

List of Blog Commenting Sites

Blog Commenting Sites technique used by many webmasters since a long time ago till today to increase their popularity, Domain Authority, and the most important is to increase your search engine result pages or SERP. For this reason, we create a highly edited list of blog Commenting sites even most blogs allow the user to comment on their article. However, not all links contained Dofollow links, some of them tagged by Nofollow, but links still link even it use the no-follow tag

Blog Commenting Sites List
Copy BloggerYoast Blog
NielpatelShout Me Loud
BacklinkoElegant Themes
ProbloggerAdvanved Web Ranking
Blogging TipsBloggers Passion
All Blogging TipsTrouble Fixers
Sucessful BloggingTechatlast
100 Days of Real FoodHive Health Media
Health Resources 4 UAggies Kitchen
Health Beck OnFitness Vs Weightloss
The Master CleanseWeight Loss Triumph
Boarding AreaTravel With Massi
Global GrasshopperDangerous Business
Velvet EscapeInspiring Travellers
The Shooting StarLakshmisharath
Sid The WandererEverything Mom
Sweet Style BlogVanity No Apologies
Money Saving MomSaving Advice
Seed TimeModest Money
Man Vs DebtOne Cent at A Time
Financial HighwayOnemint
Express WritersBlogging From Paradise
Get My WellnessWassup Blog
Joko SusiloJoaoleitao
Sylviane NuccioWe 3 Travel
Peter Beckenham5 Lost Together
Work With RichardSuejprice
HedonistitAvdhoot Blogger
Chris DeewaardWalking the Imaginary Line
WP Theme DetectorAlicia Fashionista
Master BloggingSvh Times
Style RichSolution Fall

Blog Commenting is the best SEO practice which easy to do and cost you nothing but only efforts to read and commenting it. So, if you have any suggestions or questions about this blog commenting sites list or maybe you have a blog that not included, please contact us.


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