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Ways to Improve Website Ranking

Posted on 5th Jan 2020 08:45:23 in SEO, Development

We are all acquainted with search engines. But some have used it many a time but did not know by its name. For them, I am writing this introduction. So, let start with the abbreviation of search engine results page. It is commonly known as Search Engine results page. It defined as the page displayed when we type a query in the search engine. Yes, that is right. Many of you have searched many a thing on and show a list of results. It is the search engine results page, the page does contain advertisements and other results, but the main component has always been the list of results shown after you enter a search.

Organic ResultsSponsored results
The organic result shows the results that are relevant to the query. The result recovered by the use of a search engine algorithm, this result contains their title, the link that opens up to the actual site and a short description about the content of the site. Sponsored results show only those results that the advertiser wants. They may contain some link that opens to the company’s site or the price of the item. No query is supported in sponsored results.

Now moving a little ahead, do you know what a PageRank is? It is the number assigned to the website according to its importance. Google is the most common search engine, so sometimes, Pagerank is also known as Google Pagerank. Here a set of a particular algorithm is commonly used by Google search engine to rank a website in their result. Google doles out a number to every site and site page that is in its ordering. They measure a size of 0 to 10. This scaling demonstrates the significance of the site in light of the calculation count.

Very Simple Ways to Improve Website Ranking

You should ponder how this Pagerank does functions? The Google Pagerank takes a shot at the record of value and the number of connections that the page has. It gives an unpleasant gauge the significance of the page. The suspicion behind this is, the more a site is essential, the more significance it picks up. The days when website creators used to high rank their page by a method for expanding the amount of the connections are no more. Today's Google calculations decide on the nature of the connections. Along these lines, folks disregard any false means. To be more proper the higher will be the Page rank of your site, the better will be its positioning in query items contrasted with other comparable destinations.

4 Simple Ways that Could Improve Website Ranking

So, improve website ranking is essential for the proper functioning of your website. Avoiding any unfair means, here are some tips by which you can improve your website ranking. To start with;

1. Title of the page

Here Title tags play a critical role. It’s my suggestion to webpage makers to take special care in this section as title tags are not only crucial for CTR and SEO but also the ranking of the page. For optimal results, it is necessary to create a relevant title of your webpage. Your primary keyword should be used right at the beginning of the title tag. If not possible, then try to use it very near to the starting. How your title should be? It should be effortless. The title tag should not contain any typographical error. Furthermore, it should be exciting and captivating. By the captivating, I do mean that it should attract as many viewers as possible. Do you know guys that Google read only the first 70 characters of the title? So, I should prescribe you not to write more as it would be an unnecessary and total waste of time. It should be a perfect balance of head terms and long-tail terms too. Try to do a little bit of research before creating the title as this will help you in creating a title. A good title site always catches the attention of the search engine. So, be very careful while creating the title tag.

2. URL Structure

It is crucial to create a good quality permalink as it can affect or improve website ranking indirectly. So, how a permalink should be? A short and easy that can be read by your visitors and the search engine as well. As said, keywords play a critical role in increasing the ranking of your site. So, It should contain keywords that should contain some short yet understandable meanings. There should be non-stop words. Each post should have a different link name. This link names should be unique from one another, and each should contain catchy titles. As prescribed by experts that if you are using WordPress then definitely your site should have built-in support for the custom permalink structure else you should hire a professional.

3. Content quality

This is an essential part of creating your web page. After searching for a specific, we read its content. Your site should have quality content, yet it should be easy to understand for the viewers. If you ask me how this quality content should be, then let tell me that your site should contain valuable information without much sales language. Try to choose some effective keywords in your content. If you want, you can add some links too. I can suggest you include a question-answerer and comment part. At last, remember one thing that if you can provide a quality content page, then that can rank high in the search engine and even can increase your business profits.

4. Mobile optimization

As you know that Google gives importance to user experience, so make sure that you built a responsive website. In this 21st century, we all are a mobile freak, so Google ranks those pages high that can be seen on the computer as well as on the mobile too.

Here in this article, I have tried to provide certain information that can help you to improve website ranking in the search engine results page. Keep these points in mind and built the best website.


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