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Search Engine Marketing

Posted on 19th Nov 2019 07:53:22 in SEO, Marketing

Do you believe in search engine marketing? Do you realize how much is search engine marketing important for the promotion of the website on the internet? This trend is currently occupying the market. It has proved to very successful. SEM also was known as search engine marketing can be termed as a form of marketing through the internet. In this process of internet marketing, the visibility of the website increases in the search engine result page known as the SERPs. Thus enhances the promotion of the site through paid advertisement. Some search engine marketing does involve search engine optimization or SEO. In earlier days, search engine marketing used as a shaded term that refers to both paid search activities and search engine optimization. Through all this time, the term search engine marketing related to the paid searches only. Some of the paid search results tools are Bing Ads or Google Adwords. Search engine marketing is a collection of both paid search results and search engine optimization, which is an organic search result. It makes the use of the paid advertising, pay per click, submission of the article, advertising and thus make sure that search engine optimization done correctly. To get the best result out, monitoring and updating of search engine marketing are essential. Though in certain areas, advertisement of pay per click means to be search engine marketing.

What is search engine marketing?

From the above discussion, I do hope that you have developed an idea about search engine marketing. To be more precise, search engine marketing or SEM can define as the process by which website traffic are gain through advertisement purchasing on the search engine. Today SEM is referred to as the paid search. Here are lists of terms that are used to represent the activities of the search engine marketing:

  • Ads for the paid search
  • Advertising of the paid search
  • Pay per click
  • Cost per click
  • Cost per thousand impressions

In the above listing, Pay per call or PPC refers to the advertisement that users of the mobile search are being charged by clicks numbers which can result in a direct request from the smartphone. Based on pay per click or cost per click, selling off most of the search advertisement is done. Though based on price per thousand impressions, many advertising options are sell. Thus, search engine marketing can term as one of the most effective ways of growing up of the business in the competitive marketplace. Competing with thousands of companies in the outer world is not that easy. Search engine marketing considers as one of the most effective ways of which your product are noticing by your customers and thus helps in growing up of the business. Using the paid advertisement for marketing up of the company that does appear on the search engine result page. Therefore Search engine marketing is the summation of the search engine optimization with that of the cost per click. Search engine marketing helps in the listing of the website, thus creating customers and growing up in the business.

Search Engine Marketing

If we look at the past days in the history of search engine marketing, we can see that the U.S. advertisers spent $24.6 million in 2007 for search engine marketing. In 2015, Google spent around 73.7%, and Bing/Yahoo spent 26.3% of the total search engine spend in the U.S. In 2016, Google contribution to the global search engine market was around 89.3%, Bing with 4.36%, Yahoo stands next with 3.35 and Baidu with 0.68%.

It is said from the year 2006 the search engine market gradually started to gain its importance over the traditional approach of advertising. Social media marketing or SMM is a part of the search engine marketing that uses social media to influence consumers. Social media marketing involves marketing on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. These are becoming a trendy medium of marketing and are capable of attracting a good number of customers.

Do I need to hire a search engine marketing agency?

Yes, I do suggest you hire a search engine marketing agency. Search engine marketing is crucial for the proper viewing of the site in the search engine. So, if you are going to invest in a business, then take good care of the search engine marketing. If you are thinking of hiring an agency or not, then here are points that you should take into consideration:

  • Takes care of the website designing – There is no need of taking any further tension in the designing of your organizational website. You can go for a firm that can guarantee both designing along with marketing. Your headache drops to the minimum level. Choose the right web designing firm and give them the whole lot of work while you enjoy the gain from the web designing and the search engine marketing work.
  • These guys know their jobs – A search engine marketing agency did these types of tasks daily. They know where to gain the maximum number of benefits. They have hundreds of employees. They do their job in a better way.
  • Can ensure your position – these firms know all the tactics of the ranking of the search engine optimization result page. They can adapt measures that can provide your ranking. They know all the tips and the tracks of the ranking of the page.
  • Systematic work – The work they deliver is 100% authenticated. You need not take any tension about the job. A right firm will deliver a product that can be a high source of income. As a no software guy, you may not be aware of the whole procedure as it includes many small routes. These firms are so capable that they can do a whole lot of working a systematic way.


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