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Page Authority and Domain Authority

Posted on 6th Dec 2019 08:13:28 in SEO, Development

To move ahead on this topic, I will prefer to give you an introduction about the term authority site. So, an authority site refers to those high-quality WebPages that counted as the best site by the experts of the industry. The page that has a good title with high-quality content considered as an authority website. The information published by the site is trustworthy, and if any link provided, and then the linked page should also be a trustworthy site too. An authority site acts as information hubs for the users. These sites are easy to build as they focus on a particular type of customer. People like to gather information from this site and also to share the link with their friends. Now coming back to our topic, let me first define as well as differentiate between page authority and domain authority.

Page Authority and Domain Authority

Domain authority describes its importance in a specific subject or corporation. This importance has a direct effect on the ranking done by the search engine. For better understanding, domain authority can be defined as the measurement of the capability of the domain name and also the ranking of the page in search engines. We use domain authority in comparing one site with the other or also can know the strength of your site. So, how to calculate domain authority? It calculated by mixing all of the other links metrics like total links number, root domain linking, and then the MozRank and the Moztrust into one score. The three factors on which domain authority based are age, size, and popularity. It acts as a constant in the whole website. To conclude, in the last domain, authority is a measure of the prescient positioning quality of whole areas or subdomains. 

Page Authority and Domain Authority
Page Authority and Domain Authority

Page authorityassociated with SEO is the probability that a page can rank in the search engine. It is the likelihood that a particular page from your site found on a web search engine. The rank of the page, page authority uses a 0 – 100 logarithmic scale. If your respective page has a high page authority, then that means that it can rank high in the search engine result page. Implementation of specific tools in the search engine is the necessary thing on which online marketing depends, so page authority helps with viewing the site’s progress. Page authority is the measurement of the power of the individual page. If higher will be your page authority in the search engine, the higher will be its chances to view at the very top of the search page. Page authority gets changed across subdomain in the same domain root.

To get started with, let’s first talk to Improve Domain Authority?

1. Earning of links

Please, guys, don’t try to build links on your own as it considered to be a bad practice. You can earn a link from other sites. The main boost for your domain authority is, of course, the number of the link root domain. You can try to earn these links for your site. Writing useful and helpful content can help you in earning the number of backlinks.

2. Content marketing

As said all the time that content is the main thing that can attract the number of visitors towards your site and also increase the number of backlinks. Marketing of content is essential not only in creating backlinks but also in for attracting more number of eyes on your site. The more eyes can earn more shares on the social medium as well as earn backlinks and higher authority.

3. Link profile

The link profile should be clean. Be always focused on the sites that are linking to your site. Avoid linking to bad quality sites linking to your sites. Likewise applies to the discussions and group interface backs that Google considered being not proper. Don’t ever think of the idea of the link with below quality site, link buying, or full link ads sites. Let me suggest the Google webmaster tool that can keep you update about the sites linking with that of yours.

4. Internal link structure

Internal links are those links present that can take you to another article but on the same site. To increase domain authority, you must build a planned internal link structure. For creating an internal link structure, you can use several anchor text and also can set an ideal number of connections inside a post.

Now the next one how to improve Page authority, here are your points;

1. Quality of Content

If you want your site to improve in Page authority, then always try to fill it up with high-quality content. It will attract the number of viewers towards your site. Your content should be simple yet very informative. It will also help in earning backlinks, and the greater numbers of backlinks help in the ranking of the page in search engines.

2. Updates

Do you think that your work is over after creating the website? I will say no. Your works begin from here. Make yourself and the website updated. It will make the viewers come back to your site for the recent updates. Don’t try to create any news. Just try to update your site with the latest information.

3. Social engagement

Social media has become a part of our daily to daily life, so it is vital to create as many social engagements as possible to increase the relationship, authority, and brand awareness. If you find that others share your site link on social media, then that is a cheers moment.

4. Removal of bad links

Like in domain authority, here in page authority, it is also crucial to remove bad backlinks as this can affect the ranking of your page. Some sites can count the number of bad links for you, so be aware.

I think this article could prove to be helpful for you. Try to follow all the points and create a more excellent webpage.


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