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Meta Tags Explained

Posted on 14th Nov 2019 14:39:00 in SEO

Is it possible for anyone to understand the content of the text by reading the first few words or say a sentence from it? No, I don't think anyone could tell what the text is all about without reading the full or at least half of the text. And suppose you read the whole and find that it was not at all necessary to you? So it would have been a waste of time right. So, here comes the word Meta tag. Now, a tag is a very familiar word to us. Tag or tagging refers to the identification of an object that could be clothing or any other clothing. So here, we will explain what Meta Tags is.

Meta tags Explained

The SEO can't understand what is the HTML and codes are all about, but with Meta Tags, it would help the crawlers to understand more about your site, to be precise we can say that meta tag describes the content of the page. The meta tag provides information about the site, Though all Meta tags visualize tags are present on the coding of the page or the browser. Meta tags are current at the head of the page, or in the search engine or the browser.

Some of Meta Tags

There are four types of Meta Tags, which below we will explain the meta tags:

  • Title Tag: Title text that appears at the top of the browser is called the Title tag. Search engines refer to this text as the title of the page. That is the most important Meta tag attribute used in recent days. The title tag is visible to the user, and it will be your headline in search engine results, It gives primary information to SEO. It is the most straightforward attribute but is the most significant, according to Google.
  • Meta Tag keywords: It is several keywords that are relevant to the page. It is a short description that gives more or less information about the page. Google stop these attributes years ago.
  • Meta Tag Description: Whenever you search anything on a search engine, many links come. A short description is present after each link. At this section of the tags, the designer describes the page. The more it is simple, the more it is useful for the users. It tells the searchers what is the page all about. The searchers usually open the link if they find this tag to be useful for them. Google says that Meta Tag descriptions are still very important for them.
  • Meta Tag Robots: It is the description for the search engine as what to do with the page. They classified as;
  1. Index or no index: This tells the search engine whether to show the page in the search or not.
  2. Follow or no follow: This says the search engines whether to follow the link or not.


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