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8 Open Source Programming Languages for You

Posted on 9th Dec 2019 16:20:10 in Development

Are you aware that your website will be old after the invasion of the new trends? Though it’s sad, it is bare truth in the field of web development. You need to be always up to date to make your website on the racing track; otherwise, you can only see the success of your competitors. The web development trends keeping on changing every single day. The tool that you use today is out of date tomorrow. It’s essential to keep your website up to date as per the need of the visitors and ranking in the search engine. Here in this article, we are going to talk about 8 open source programming languages that are for the use of Web developers that widely used in the task of web designing;

8 Open Source Programming Languages
Best 8 Open Source Programming Languages  that Widely Used.

8 Best Open Source Programming Languages to Learn


Java is the most popular and also the widely used programming language that is used by web developers. In the 1990s, Sun Microsystems developed a programming language that can be an object-oriented class-based language. Though primarily the developers aim it for use in the development of the interactive television but now through its wide range of features it has gained so popularity that it is now being used by the web developers for mobile application, desktop creating applications, for enterprise purpose and also for implementation of Android apps in Smartphone and tablets. Java is the most demanded language used as the standard platform mobile and enterprise and game developers all over the world.


Developed by Netscape, this dynamic programming language utilized for the purpose of designing and polishing websites. JavaScript has borrowed a lot of its syntax from that of C programming language. The best thing about JavaScript is that this programming language supported by nearly all browsers and does not require any plug-in or compilers. It can serve as a platform for both a desktop application and gaming applications. JavaScript has a lot of functions that include control of the browser, displayed content editing, and asynchronous communication. It can work with them on platforms that may not be web-based. It can also be used for adding animation and fresh images, objects or scripts on the webpage and for the responsive user interface.


Developed by Chamberlin and Raymond Boyce in 1970, SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It was the first the principal financially capable dialect for relational databases. It used for communication with databases. This language is standard for DBMS. A web developer should have knee knowledge about SQL programming Language. Like this, they can use SQL to obtain data from large databases. SQL programming language generally serves as a query language for a database. So, if you are implementing Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or MySQL, you should know SQL. It has proved to be a lot of beneficiary for the web developers, and they used this in any query in the database.

PHP Aka PHP Hypertext Processor

Created in the year 2004, the word PHP refers to the PHP Hypertext Processor language. It is an interpreted scripted language that is generally handled by the interpreter. It has already gained popularity of more than 200 million websites throughout the world. It is an open-source language as well as a fast prototyping language. This language works well with UNIX. PHP is a server-side scripting language that can work as a programming platform too. Facebook and WordPress used this as a platform. PHP can be inserted in HTML directly. You can work on a PHP more quickly and effortless than in any other language. If you want to develop a responsive web page, then you need to know about PHP.


Invented in the year 1993, Ruby was a dynamic programming language used in the designing of websites and mobile apps. Before the idea of inventing, Ruby invented to develop such a programming language that has a simple code. This programming language mainly designed to serve in the area where there is a lot of web traffic. This language manages functional programming with that of imperative programming. Ruby considered being a sizeable scalable language. Ruby mainly works on web servers. This programming language is easy to understand and write. Twitter, Hulu, Scribd, and more. Use this programming language platform.

CSS Aka Cascading Style Sheet

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets works as a markup language. HTML, combined with CSS, allows the web designer to decide the look of the webpage after it appears in front of the visitors. CSS has a significant impact on the font style, size, and color it looks. It also has an impact on the overall layout, along with other designing elements. CSS applied to several other documents such as SVG, XML, as well as XUL documents. CSS can create a more visualize webpage or website. It is also used to create mobile apps as well as a web application. The syntax of CSS is that of similar to HTML and XHTML. CSS style sheet contains a selector and declarator.


Python is a dynamic language that highly used nowadays. It acts as an all-purpose language. In Python, you can work as the developer and can also run the code without using the compiler. Python can use a less number of codes as the syntax for expressing a concept. It is a language that can be ideal for beginners to learn and understand. Rdio, Pinterest, and Instagram use Python in the coding.


Perl is a very much recognized programming language in the field of web development. It is an interpreter scripted language that needs an interpreter. It is a bit of strong language that is used worldwide. This language gives unique tools. It compiled with platform compatible or dual executable Bytecode. Perl can be helpful in web app enhancement and for websites. It can also be used for web application enhancement and fro system administration too. Perl works as a testing tool too.

That's the 8 Best Open Source Programming Languages to learn and has a wide-variety place to implantment


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