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5 Top Simple SEO Mistakes 2020

Posted on 10th Apr 2020 09:21:23 in Development

Is it true that you wish to begin your business on the web? So, what have you planned for? First, select what you want to have on the web page. Before choosing a keyword, do a good deal of research on the keyword you want to use. This keyword increases the ranking in the SEO. Then try to create a web page that defines your company in the best way. Are you afraid of making the website on your own? They're nothing to be scared of. If you are still not very acquainted with making the web page on your own, then you can hire a company and, with a price, can make an appropriate website for them.

5 Top Common SEO Mistakes in 2020
5 Top Common SEO Mistakes in 2020

5 Top SEO Mistakes when Build the Website

Oh, you made one. Is it not up to the mark that you expected? Are you not satisfied with the look? You ask for a responsive web page, and the delivered product doesn’t work well on the device? Or it looks good on the mobile, but the images do not have excellent visibility on the computer? Is your web page taking a lot of time in loading? These days we don’t have time to waste on a single web page loading and also don’t want to stick to a time-consuming site. Or is it incapable of attracting the number of viewers? If you face all this problem after getting a delivery of your web page, then be sure that it is the right time to get hold of your web page designer company and ask them to rectify the problem, so below, there are 5 top SEO mistakes when you build a website.

1. Issues relating to Canonical

Does your website open up with a single URL? Or is it had some URLs? Make sure that your web page has a single URL. The ranking in the search engine and the user experience is determined by the main page of the web page. If your website has more than one URL, then the search engine, as well as the user, will not understand which is the main link for your web page, and thus there can be a downfall in the ranking too. Apart from ranking, this can create a complication for the web analytics tool, which gives scores on the rank metrics like the bounce rate, click, impression, etc. So, maintaining one URL is perfect for the users as well as the search engine too.

Does your web page come up with a similar problem? Yes, Then this should be solved immediately. As for me, you can use the webmaster guidelines for fixing up the issue. For example, Google’s webmaster guidelines recommend the usage of rel=”canonical” link element in place of the URL. Now the page will be counted as a single page. Users, as well as the search engine, will not get misled by the names. Ask the web developers to use the 301 redirects in opposition to different pages. This will direct the users to the main page automatically. So, you should be reassured that whatever URL your user type it will be redirected to your main page only.

2. Easy to Navigate

Allow the visitors who are visiting your page to move freely on your web page. Suppose you visited a website and can’t see every content or specific content, but you are not allowed to do so. Are you going to revisit the page? If this occurs with me, then I would not have visited the age second time

So while you have created a web page for your farm, make sure that users can navigate through the page freely. Allow then to have the content they are looking for. If they visited the second page and wants to come back to the first page, let them do that freely. Whether they have come through any reference link or the social channels, allow them to navigate freely and smoothly. It is helping the users to visit your web page repeatedly, and thus the users rely on the page and strict to it. It helps in gaining rank in the search engine too.

Ask your web development company to get sync with your content team. Together they can create the content that the users will prefer to see and also strict to your web page

3. SEO Norms

You hired the best web development company and a good copywriter. This will be a play of a lot of investment. You are very eager to know the result of the newly built website. Suppose for the first time you search for it and get a shock by not viewing it on the web. After investing a lot and not getting the desired result is not expected. So, make sure you ask for the correct SEO Plugins from the first day. Ask them about the Meta tags. Meta tags are important for your web page designing. Be specific to the web development company with the Meta tags like the Meta title, Meta keywords, Meta description tag, etc. You can provide the Meta tags to the company on your own or tell them what you want so that they can implement accordingly

4. Images with Description

Images are indeed the best eye-catcher on the web page. You ask the web development company to implement images. They behave accordingly, but the images are not readable, which is equal to zero gain. Make sure that the images incorporated are according to the conditions of the webmaster guidelines. Images must come up with a description, Alt tag, and caption. 

Users will not visit those pages that can consume excessive bandwidth. So, what consumes bandwidth? Dead links and junk files are the primary reason for this extra usage of bandwidth. Make sure that your website does not have junk files and Dead Links.

5. Inline CSS And JavaScript

Are your web development companies providing your web page very long Inline CSS or JavaScript coding? Ask them not to do so. A lengthy inline CSS or JavaScript may increase the total file size of your website. As a result of this, your web page will be slow. The user will not visit those pages that are slow. This deterioration in user experience may lead to a poor ranking for your site in the search engine. So, avoid using lengthy coding

Here I have provided 5 points of Top SEO mistakes that can help you to understand the five issues generally associated with that of the web development.


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