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5 Common SEO Mistakes

Posted on 19th Feb 2020 09:51:08 in SEO, Development

Have you ever make a mistake? I believe everyone has made many mistakes in their life, whereas the SEO mistakes can be hazardous for your website and affect your income and sales. Ranking high in the search engine is very important for a site and webmasters to make all effort for the same. A lot of processes are carried out for achieving a good rank in the search engine. Would you like it if anyone comes and destroy it? As a webmaster, you will never want that to be happening. There are common SEO mistakes that bring harm to website traffic as well as the ranking of the website in SERP. So, here is a list of 5 such types of common SEO mistakes that can be harmful to your website;

These are 5 Common SEO Mistakes that People does

Good SEO Practices will bring more Sales
Good SEO Practices will bring more Sales

1. Website Changes

Sites can’t be the same all the time. Sometimes you need to change the structure of the site or the domain or even the URL. It can bring a negative impact on the website and thus one can observe falling from the position in the SERP and also in traffic. When an URL is being updated or deleting a page may result in broken links. Whenever a visitor faces a dead link, he will leave and won’t surf on other pages of the same website. Google does keep a constant eye on things like the visitors are spending time or just going out of the page. It does think that as the page has no quality content and information, so the visitors are not staying on that page. Thus search engine like Google will not have trust in you. It will lead to the lower ranking of the web page.

How can you solve this problem?

  • It would be best if you assured that spiders could crawl through each content of the new website.
  • You need to delete the entire broken links. For this, you can seek the help of broken link checker.
  • It would help if you erected new links.
  • You need to have a quick check daily on the position of the website and the other factors of SEO health.

2. Keywords cannibalization

Optimization of all the pages for a single keyword may seem to be a better plan from the webmaster's point of view. Still, Google or other search engines may seem it a bit confusing and thus reduces the ranking and the traffic of the website in the search engine. Firstly, Whenever Google do faces that for a single keyword, there are many WebPages available, it gets confusing as which page to show as a result. It shows that page as the query result that it thinks is suited for the query and thus ignoring the rest of the page. Secondly, you must have done a lot to improve the ranking of the page on the SEO, without any focused on a particular page. It accounts to low effect on the SEO. Thirdly, your plan was better from your view but had you ever thought that all your pages are in the position of competing with each other in the search engine.

How can you solve this problem?

  • It would help if you used a tool for keywords grouping that gives you unlike keywords for, unlike pages.
  • It would be best if you used rel=”canonical” attribute. Whenever the search engine finds these attribute, it knows which page to be displayed as the primary page on the search engine.

Canonicalization Code Sample.

<link rel=”canonical” href=”” />

3. Content

Content does play a very vital role in SEO. The search engine does ask for quality content that can attract viewers to visit the page and stay on that page. Once your content is worthy of liking, the users will provide the link to your website in their comment and thus attracts much more traffic. A search engine like Google does always have emphasized on quality content. While planning to write a quality article, you need to go through the Google guidelines once. This is important as it gives a vivid description of which quality content can attract the maximum number of viewers. Google guidelines strictly prohibit on keyword stuffing. As said earlier, that quality content can give chances of building internal and external link. So, to attract the maximum number of users, you do put some data and statistics rather than just having a discussion. You can also put some quotes of the influencers that may give more emphasis on the content. Your content should be full of the users may not have to leave your page and visit other WebPages for further details on the topic. Quality content is that which makes the users stick to the page for a while and make them visit their site again and again.

How can you solve this problem?

  • You need to check with your writing in sites like and many other similar sites.
  • You need to focus on quality but do not ignore the quantity of the content.

4. 301 Redirect

301 Redirect can be an excellent solution for website changes as whenever a change occurs if you had used 301 Redirect, it would take you to the new page of the website. Webmasters do use this software a lot at the time of changes. Once Google does accept this, but in recent years, it has been noticed that webmasters do a lot of use of this. So, now according to the current policies, Google will not allow the vast use of 301 Redirect. If used too much then it will see it as a soft 404s that means Google will not count all the redirects and will pass signals and PageRank to the new page from old pages.

The Most Common SEO Mistake is forget to use 301 Redirect
The Most Common SEO Mistake is forget to use 301 Redirect

5. Local SEO

Though in the beginning, the search results were shown globally, now a day, the results delivered by Google are more geographically near. You as a webmaster need to be extra attentive to this as this may lead to loss of position and traffic for the website.

How to solve this Common SEO Mistakes?

To solve these common SEO Mistakes are very simple; all you have to take a look at these things.

  • You need to have your My Business page on Google.
  • You need to earn a review from the local customer.
  • You need to share information on local websites about your business.


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