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10 Strategies for Link Building 2020

Posted on 24th Dec 2019 06:45:06 in SEO, Marketing

Have you realized the need of building links for your website? Of course, you must have. Inbound and traffic links generated through blog content writing. Around 97% of organic links generated through blogs. Marketers often use this to increase the links for a specific site. Guest blogging can add the number in building links for that website. So, if you chose to market your content, then guest blogging can be a great idea. To assist you with building links, here are 10 links building hacks that can help you in budding up of quality and authoritative links;

Link Building Strategies for 2020

10 Strategies to Build Links 2020

1. Creating Quality Resources

What is a resource? It can be vital in case of building up links and also for content marketing. So, a resource termed as useful content that your audiences find useful for themselves or someone else. You can create a good resource of 1500 words in your blog post containing in-depth research on the topic selected along with data and facts that your audiences find interesting and rare. So, here are some sites that can help you out, such ass HubSpot’s Marketing Resource Library, Definitive to Link Building from Brian Dean, and Advanced Guide to Content Marketing. An in-depth resource is bound to attract natural links as others share them.

2. Ask for testimonials

Once you have done good business with other companies from your industry, now it is your turn to get benefited from them. Now the companies with whom you had done a business would be eager to be a testimonial from your side. It helps in the growth of their business. What about you? Now the question lies how will you get benefited? The answer is that ask for a link back. To prove that the testimonials are not false and the company often gives a link back without being asked for it. Suppose the company forgets to provide a link back, then ask for it.

3. Scoring from Reviews

Certain bloggers did reviews and also write blogs on the products and the services. Every month their blogs get higher traffic. So, what’s your part of the job is to search for certain bloggers. You need to contact them and offer your services or products for free. Appreciate their work in terms of the shares they made through their blogs. And lastly, let them know that you love getting feedback. Your work finishes over here. Keep a tracking seeing who is mentioning you on their blog. So, here you had a review or link gained. Here you did need to be cautioned to avoid bloggers who ask for money as it is against the guidelines of Google’s Webmaster.

4. Competitor’s Backlink

It’s the rule of every business that you need to be known what your competitors are doing. You need to keep track of all the records about your competitors. You also need to know where your competitors are earning links. See which links can be of your utility. Research such link sources. You can contact that link source and try to manage to earn similar links from those sources. You can also look at such sites that are unknown to your competitor. Ahrefs, Backlink Watch, and Open Link Profiler are some of the tools that are best known as the backlink checker tool.

5. Broken Links

Broken links can earn you links from authority sites. You need to help the owner of the site to find the broken links that linked to your site. It can be done in a better way when there is a resource post from a blogger or a website that usually links to several influences on some specific topics. You can use Dead Link Checker for finding up the broken links. You can tell the site owner about their broken links or bad links and in place can offer them one of the resources from your blog post or resources.

6. Working with the Influencers

Influencers are most important in the case of link building. Whenever you earn a link from these influences, these are termed to be as quality links. So, how could you ask for their assistance? Don’t go into a direct approach; rather, try to fix an interview. These influencers are very busy and don’t have time to deliver on some sort of influencer marketing. It better to approach them first and try to build a relationship with them before approaching them for the interview. Once you manage to get an interview with the influencer, they will share by the influencer and their audiences. It can create an organic link for your site.

7. Claim for links

At this point, you can sit for a little while and search for your brand or URL’s exact matches. There must be a post where your brand or URL has been mentioned but does not contain any link to your website. So, here at this point, you can contact that site’s owner and ask if they could provide your website link in their post. Once they put your link in their post, you are bound to get organic links.

8. Creating Alerts

There might be cases where you missed a mention of your brand. So, here it is recommended to set up alerts whenever there is a mention of your brand in the mere future. Next time whenever you find an alert, you can follow the link and get your link placed in the post. Buzzsumo and Mention are the two software that can be used for this purpose.

9. A roundup of Data and Statistics

What do you expect that audiences will first see your post, and then they will search for the relevant data? No, it’s somewhat not accepted. To be better with your link building, you need to provide all relevant data, reports, and statistics within your post. It will engage more audiences and thus will build more links as more audiences visit your post.

10. HARO

The full form of HARO can be Help a Reporter. This free software will give notification from content writers and reporters for certain topics. You can share your views with them and thus can earn as many quality links as you want.


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