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Search Engines Submission Sites List

Posted on 3rd Dec 2019 07:10:04

Search Engine Submission - To put it, submitting a site to the search engine means to put the site or page URL to the search engine, and that page or website will be under consideration. Sometimes, the search engines ask for additional information about the person to whom the page belongs. The information may include the name and email address of the person. Different search engines have different policies for adding URLs. Some search engines only ask for the main URL of the site where others require submission of the individual pages. How often will the URL be added? It is a question for some search engines. A few of them do not allow the bulk submission to control spamming. Submitting sites and pages can be done manually and sometimes in an automated manner. When you submit manually, you have to go to each of the Add URL pages and fill-up the form individually. You can also use an automatic submission option where numerous search engine submissions made at once time.

List of Seach Engines Submission Sites

Submit Website to Search Engines for free

Some sites offer you to submit your website to search engines  services for free and directories. There you have to enter your site’s URL, and valid email id then presses the submit site button. Some of the sites will need email confirmation, so you have to check your email inbox after submission. In this way, the submission may take a few minutes. Thus, it is effortless to use.

Moreover, these sites are free to use. These free sites recommended for web owners who do not have any Search Engines marketing budget and who do not have some time to spare on it. To avoid the hassle of submitting and save time, you can use the Search Engine Submission Sites. These sites offer paid services as well, for the busy ones who do not have time to it themselves.

List of Search Engines Submission Sites

Many search engine submission sites list available, and you could access it by searching it from engines, and you will get several options to choose from. Usually, search engines crawl and index your website automatically at the interval of a specific day. If there is no proper navigation provided, then there is no way for the search engine to reach all your pages. That will not be good, of course. So, it is better to submit your content to the search engine submission list to make sure that your website crawled and indexed correctly.


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